How can you select the right maths tutor for your child?

Aug 04, 2020

Mathematics is a subject that needs to be understood to the core and not mugged up. Hence, you need an able teacher who can make your kid master all the figures and formulas.

The modern-day saying directs whenever you think of math, you must think of the right math tutor. Today’s world demands proficiency in mathematics, and the parents love to see their children counting all those numbers correctly and are achieving A+ grade in the subject. In most modern households, both of the parents work for earning family and cater to all the demands of the family members. They hardly have time to teach math to the kids. Again, many parents have a different educational background that doesn’t recognize math; so they really can’t make their children grasp the subject. Hence, it is of utmost importance to get a good maths tutor no matter in which country you live in.

Your child may hate numbers, but, still, a good teacher can make the subject interesting for him/her by teaching the kid in a way that resembles any interesting puzzle-solving game.

Know The Difference Between Good and Right Math Tutor:

A good math tutor is the one who possesses good knowledge and experience about the subject. The teacher can be a good communicator too. But, the right math tutor has the capability to match his mode of operation with your child. He/she is the one who can identify the way your child can learn and adopt the exact method to teach them later. A right teacher always goes the extra mile to make the students understand a subject beyond chapters and exam.

What Should You Do To Find The Right Maths Tutor For Your Child?


First, do these things or decide:

  • Find out the tutor’s academic qualification
  • His/her fee
  • Whether to send your kid to the coaching class or with the teacher to come to your place
  • Online tutoring
  • Group study or solo class

Make a decision after assessing your child’s needs.

Follow These Tips To Select The Right Math Tutor For Perfect Coaching:


Do Your Research:

Seek references from the parents of senior students or your colleagues. Search online and contact the respective executive who can guide you. Do not finalize anything till you are satisfied. Take the feedback about the teachers. If you can talk to the students, it’s the best. Request for demo classes and take a review from your child.

Collect Sources From Ads:

Many teachers, coaching centres, online sites, etc. display paid advertisements in the local newspaper, magazines, websites, social media, messaging groups, and so on. You will get the contact details on the advertisements. Contact the teachers and talk to them. Know about their fees and their way of taking classes.


Do not blindly select someone who shows glossy pictures of class with lots of smiling students, or, the number of students getting A + grades. The statistics are often made to mislead people. Moreover, every student is not the same and hence, you have to select a teacher who will be ideal for your kid.

Take Participation In The Demo Class If Possible:

Always remember that a genuine math tutor will always discuss a problem in details and make the student engaged in the discussion. He/she can carve the formula in the brain of the student and make him/her visualize the problem statement. To test these qualities of the teachers:

  • Be present in the demo classes.
  • If you can’t fix a teacher in one or two demo class, attend more classes with your child.
  • Ask your child if he/she has understood the teacher’s training.
  • Give your kid some math problems to solve.

You must note if the teacher is patient enough to take care of the kid’s doubts, no matter how critical it is. Also, check if the teacher is asking the students to mug up any formula instead of explaining it.

Let The Teachers Know About Your Child’s Learning Style:

Talk to the teacher whom you have chosen about your child’s individual problem areas such as data interpretation, algebra, trigonometry, etc. Then see how the teacher is tackling the specific problem area. Discuss your kid’s math-related weakness and check the teacher’s handling process.

Prioritize The Most Important Things:

Selecting the best teacher doesn’t mean you can give your child the ideal education. If the teacher charges too much, then it may be very difficult for you to cope. Again, if the particular maths tutor lives very far, your child may not attend the classes. Moreover, your kid may not be confident in group training or vice versa. Give importance to these things before finalizing someone.

Make sure that the math tutor you have chosen for your child is friendly and a true guide, and not someone who is preying on your money or have negative intentions. For the first few months, be present near the classes if you can as it will warn the teacher about your consistent monitoring nature.


Before embarking on your quest for the perfect math tutor, look carefully at your child’s academic strengths and weaknesses. Online Math Tutoring from LearnPick will help your children get a firm grasp of the fundamental Math concepts. 

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