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Sudipto Das

What Can You Do With Python?

Have you been learning Python lately? Have you completed your course of basic programming with Python? If yes, then you are already aware of the classes, dictionaries, lists, and Object Oriented concepts as well. Python is known to be a very flexible programming language that has an endless list

Jun 17, 2021 Career Options

Best Career Options for Math Graduates in UK

Math is one of the highest paying subjects if it is studied thoroughly. A graduate degree in mathematics opens diverse gateways to candidates. Most importantly, math graduates are needed in the entire world - not just in any specific country. Math graduates are equally needed in developed co

May 29, 2021 Career Options Jobs Maths
Sudipto Das

The Fundamental Project Management Skills You Must Have in 2021

A good-or bad- project manager can draw a line between a successful project delivery or a failure! Do you know over 90% of companies around the world use standardized project management practices? With the advent of 2021, the project management niche is expecte

May 26, 2021 Career Options

Best Short Term Courses for Better Jobs

Business and management courses are always in demand because a higher degree not just helps in shaping the career. A degree or even a certificate business course can even help the candidates to get a better placement.  The best part of taking the short-term business courses:

May 13, 2021 Career Options Jobs

Best Jobs for Newly Graduate Candidates to Start Immediately

Completed graduation and finding out to start a career? Are the million jobs available confusing you? In the post-Covid situation, getting a job becomes a bit difficult and the level of difficulty is even higher for the candidates with no experience. Getting a suitable job right now can take some

Mar 08, 2021 Career Options Jobs
Sudipto Das

Presenting 7 Best Practices For Coding Tutors

There is no place for geek gene in the sphere of learning coding. If the teachers think that some students can automatically get each aspect of coding easily while others cannot, they will simply stop giving importance to the weaker lot. There is no natural programmer. Everyone has to learn how t

Jan 25, 2021 Career Options
Terrance Nicholson

Marketing into Colleges: A Student Strategy

Once you have cleared the SATs and you are about to get admission into your favorite college, you will realize the fact that you are not alone, you are just one more guy standing in the queue. In order to get admission into the college, you need to stand out from the crowd. Here the marketing com

Sudipto Das

What You Can Do to Find a Great Internship While in High School?

Students need to find a well-paying job sooner than later because of the increased number of graduates. While in high school, students need a plan to settle down by securing a job. To secure a job, you need nothing but an experience. So without any experience, how to obtain experience? And, this

Jan 15, 2020 Career Options