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Rima Bose

Reasons online maths tutor is better than in-house face to face coaching

Private tutors are becoming more popular with every passing year. Almost every student is receiving guidance from a private tutor for various subjects among which math, English, and science are a must. There are various reasons behind the decision of parents concerning the provision of extra acad

Sudipto Das

What are the top schools in the UK for Chemical Engineering?

Chemical engineers are the ones who design and invent the various processes of production, transformation and transporting an array of materials to transform them into useful end products. The work of chemical engineers starts from an experiment in a laboratory which goes on up to the full-scale

Aug 10, 2020 Top Universities
Sudipto Das

How can you choose the perfect private English tutor for your school kid?

Not getting the right English tutor for your child? Thinking of taking your kid to the expensive coaching centre that’s even beyond your financial reach? English is a subject that is used in many countries officially. When a person enters into professional life, he/she needs to know how to

Sudipto Das

How can you select the right maths tutor for your child?

Mathematics is a subject that needs to be understood to the core and not mugged up. Hence, you need an able teacher who can make your kid master all the figures and formulas. The modern-day saying directs whenever you think of math, you must think of the right math tutor. Today’s

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6 Benefits of Online Math Tuitions

Choosing math tutors can be a source of a headache for many parents. This headache mainly arises due to the choice between online and face to face tuitions. There are several advantages of going for online math tuitions. We’ll highlight a few for your reference. 1. Kids are enthr

Apr 03, 2020 Academics
Sudipto Das

What Experts Are Saying About Modern E-learning Platforms?

eLearning is witnessing swift transformations with advancing technology. The number of internet-based-course programs has significantly increased over time. Learning Management Systems are hugely used these days. Modern elearning platforms are indeed feature-enriched. What about

Nov 12, 2019 Academics
Sudipto Das

Things You Should Know About Modern eLearning Platforms?

Education these days has seen many reforming transformations and among these internet has undoubtedly played an instrumental role. Elearning has seen its complete era of transformation after the internet started to connect the dots of technology. A lot of people have focused their attention on st

Oct 23, 2019 Academics Career Options
Sudipto Das

5 Ways to Develop a Math Interest From Everyday Mathematics

Many students reckon mathematics to be troublesome and tiresome from their individual perspectives. Is that a problem? We think it should not be considered a part of the problem but should be turned into a part of the solution. The best way to do that is to convert the seemingly abstract math les