What Experts Are Saying About Modern E-learning Platforms?

Nov 12, 2019

eLearning is witnessing swift transformations with advancing technology. The number of internet-based-course programs has significantly increased over time. Learning Management Systems are hugely used these days. Modern elearning platforms are indeed feature-enriched. What about its effect on the upcoming days? Only the experts should comment on the same. The following abstracts discuss the expert views on trending elearning platforms.

Making things effective

Microlearning emerged as the most impactful trend. Specifically, the year 2018 was the year of microlearning in the tech arena. According to a report by a leading learning solution developer, microlearning encompassed over sixty percent of all in the year. The trend of growth was indeed attention-grabbing in the year. 

An expert holding experience of working with Deloitte in this segment have to claim that microlearning addresses the time constraints of the modern-day learners. Starting from the regular students to the training professionals, it has managed to meet the concerns of all. This is one of the prime reasons that microlearning is such successful. 

Above all, microlearning has enabled the learners to fulfil their objectives, despite dealing with the whole range of time constraints. Modern elearning platforms of such provide perfect features for meeting the mobile learning requirements. The good news is that the platform is expected to remain effective for a few upcoming years as well.    

Impact of AI 

Artificial intelligence is everywhere. Its effect in the learning arena is undoubtedly as effective. Specifically, the ability to predict learning behaviour is one of the distinguishing aspects of AI in the technology-based learning arena. The experts of IBM have to claim that the ability to predict the behaviour is going to be even more effective in upcoming years.

Needless is to say that IBM is one of the most prominent names in the artificial intelligence arena, especially for learning assistance-based product development concerns. Incredible is to see that the number of business groups is embracing AI when it comes to implementing e-learning for training purposes. The best part about AI is the way it has been flawless in many ways.

Providing personalized experience

Modern elearning platforms are going to have great years ahead; experts all around the globe claim this. As per Deloitte, the upcoming years will be witnessing more of intelligent learning, advancing from the traditional digital learning concept. One of the key features that make AI such promising is its ability to deliver a personalized learning experience to the learners. 

Practically, this experience is a way to advance in comparison with the perfection standard of human trainers. This is so because the technology keeps a close eye on personal behaviours, searches, etc., through the course. Naturally, it can personalize things to a great extent in comparison with traditional options or human trainers.        

According to experts, the improved standard of the user interface is one of the key reasons behind the noteworthy growth of the Elearning platforms. It delivers the digital interface to fulfil the training aspects of the learners in the most customized fashion. Overall, it makes things effective by knowing the behaviour and even the intention of the concerned learner.      

Making the process of learning fun-filled through gamification

The latest trend going on in the learning arena is to make education or learning process more and fun-filled. Everyone wants that education should be amusing. In this context, the elearning platforms are indeed the most effective. It has made things the most customized and as simple as possible. The experts have to claim that such distinguishing characteristics are going to be even more enriched in upcoming years. 

At the core of their claim, they primarily refer to the blend of the gamification concept. Gamification is indeed an attractive way to interest the teen and young learners towards technology-based learning platforms. Game-based learning platforms or technologies mostly make use of the games to provide desired output during the process of learning. 

The application is much extensive and all-inclusive. Though the concept still is at its inception state, the experts have to claim that soon it is going to be a regular mainstream concept. In saying this, they refer to the regular classroom implementations or the school going kids.  

To sum up things, elearning platforms are apparent to be having an incredible future ahead. 

Sudipto Das

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