What Technology and Free Speech Could Be Today?

Nov 14, 2019

Technology is a highly growing industry, reaching lives in every corner of the world. Technology is getting cheaper and cheaper every next day. With the advancement of data storage and processing capabilities manufacturing hand-held devices are becoming easier. Smartphones have gained tremendous popularity within the past few years of its inception. The general public can now easily access and learn to use such devices in no time. Computers and televisions are such strong media that information transfer and viewing are ubiquitous nowadays. Smartphones are not a novelty anymore; they are available from various vendors at a variety of ranges, and almost everybody has one.

Role of the Internet:

The tremendous power of the Internet is indisputable. The Internet has taken the world to a whole new level of communication by making information transfer amongst devices a child’s play. The Internet is the strongest medium to send or receive messages. The biggest advantage is the anonymity provided by the web. With a little bit of knowledge, it can portray that the data available to almost all the devices on the world wide web(www) came from nowhere.

This kind of power seems unbelievable but in fact, is true. This power enables users to send messages to another part of the world within seconds. As the days pass by efforts are being taken by the companies to reduce this time to 0. Unlimited information is now available at our fingertips to be read and understood. Ignorance no longer exists. With the inception of the social networking sites and the ease of access and usage, they provide a platform to people with different classes, backgrounds, and beliefs to voice their opinions now and then to the world using this powerful technology.

Freedom of speech:

Freedom of expression is something that the world is talking about and is gaining attention nowadays. Because it brings new ideas and opinions and a whole new different angle to view an aspect. This broadens thinking ability and increases rationality and logic. This is the prime reason why freedom of speech is a well-accepted philosophy worldwide. The underlying principle is relatively straightforward: “Put more and more minds to thinking the purpose and collect the results”. But each coin has two sides, so does this too. With the freedom of speech came a devil: “Offensive speech”. Freedom of speech is a power given to masses to enable them to voice their opinions, but it should also be taken care that no sentiments or feelings are hurt while doing so. But in today’s world people hardly seem to care.

Opinions become abuses and discussions become arguments within no time. Now the power of anonymity provided by the Internet also seems to be a bane here. People say anything because of the assurance of not being traced. This has created tension between the opposing people which hinders free speech. People also sometimes tend not to voice their opinions just to escape the crossfire. This is a huge loss, massive loss of ideas. Driving people away from the platform that is centric to raise the voices and opinions is the biggest drawback of “Obnoxious speaking”.

With the whole world moving towards “Internet Things”, these assaults on intimate principles will tend to grow more haters than supporters and the noble idea of sharing ideas could possibly turn the Internet into an Anonymous fighting arena of the ignorant. The idea of free expression could bring the ideas from the thinkers to the implementers with apt resources, and the world can see a change it has never seen before. Many people have come up with brilliant suggestions which individuals in power also appreciate. It voices the power of ordinary people who face challenges in everyday life. It provides a stream for the outlet of thoughts into a proper place where they belong.

Today free speech doesn’t mean a privilege but a right that every common must get. With the resources becoming cheaper and cheaper reach of the technology for free expression is reaching the doorsteps of more and more people. Technology has two faces, and if the world focuses on the positive part, then all sorts of information and ideas shall be available to everyone for free.

If done with responsibility and care this idea could spawn breathtaking revolutionary ideas every single day. Technology is something that lets you connect with your students directly.

Sudipto Das

Sudipto writes educational content periodically for LearnPick UK and backs it up with extensive research and relevant examples. He's an avid reader and a tech enthusiast at the same time with a little bit of “Arsenal Football Club” thrown in as well. He's got more than 5 years of experience in digital marketing, SEO and graphic designing.

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